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Classroom Lectures

The FE Exam Review Centre is here to help you properly prepare for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE Exam). This is a classroom course which
covers all the topics including Math, 

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Test Preparation

  • Extensive classroom review 
  • Mid-Week Practice Sessions
  • FE exam style homework assignments
  • Problem solving techniques & test taking strategies

  • FE style Mock Exam

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FE CBT Examination Preparation Course 

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are highly qualified Professors & Registered Engineers who know the FE exam in depth and what it takes to succeed.

Course Packages

Our course features several packages to help you succeed. To do this, we highly recommend that you register for the Complete Course Package option. Designed for those who have been out of university for years, this option gives you access the everything that we offer here at the FE Review Centre, thereby providing you with the best chance of success. 

The other course options such as the 5 Course  and Additional Course Packages provide you with an option to choose which courses you need to focus on. They are specifically designed for those who have recently graduated.

Complete Course package - 24 classes

CAD $699 (26% discount)

      Contained within this package is the following: 

  • 12 Classroom courses including Mock Exam
  • 12 Mid-week practice sessions with instructors
  • Detailed Handouts
  • FE Reference Handbook - online copy
  • FE style Homework Assignments
  • FE Style quizes
  • FE Review Manual by Michael Lindeburg - 3rd Ed

5 Course package

CAD $399 (40% discount)

     Contained within this package is the following: 

  • 5 Classroom courses
  • 5 Mid-week practice sessions with instructors
  • 5 Detailed Handouts
  • 5 FE style Homework Assignments

Additional Course package - $59

     Contained within this package is the following: 

  • 1 Classroom course
  • 1 Mid-week practice session with instructor
  • 1 Detailed Handouts
  • 1 FE style Homework Assignment

Online Course option  - $600

Contained within this package is the following: 

  • 17 recorded classroom video lectures covering every topic within the 
    Other Disciplines Specification
  • Detailed Handouts
  • FE Review Manual by Michael Lindeburg - 3rd Ed.  ($100 Value)
  • FE Reference Handbook - online copy
  • FE style Homework Assignments
  • FE Style quizzes
  • 1 year Access to videos

Private Tutoring package

     Contained within this package is the following: 

  • 40 + hours of private tutoring with an instructor
  • Start anytime & schedule meetings at your convenience

***The cost of our private tutoring package depends on FE exam


Please contact us for more information regarding this package.

Hec -Ras Training Course - $ 1250

  • 2 Full days of Comprehensive Hec-ras Training
  • Detailed Course notes and handouts provided
  • Meals provided
  • Course Completion certificate

Payment Plans

We offer flexible and convenient payment plans to suit your needs. Our payment plans provide you with the following options:

Split the payment into 2 equal amounts
Pay with any of our convenient payment options such as PayPal (Debit or Credit card) or Interac e-Transfer
0% interest on total amount

Please contact us if you have questions regarding our price packages.
​Click here for our Withdrawals/Refund Policy