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FE CBT Examination Preparation Course 

About Us

The FE Review Centre is dedicated to helping you register as a professional engineer or Engineer in Training by passing the computer-based test (CBT) FE examination. We accomplish this by providing effective and dedicated instructors, working hand-in-hand with examinees, teaching them all the concepts and test taking strategies needed to pass the exam. 

Our goal is to make sure that 100% of our examinees pass the exam the first time. This classroom course delivered here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada covers all the topics offered in the FE examination. See exam topics here

Taught by highly qualified Professors & registered engineers with experience with the FE exam, our instructors are dedicated to providing the best instruction to every examinee. We believe that with proper instruction, the best materials and adequate follow-through, examinees can improve their study habits, comprehension of the various subject matter and test-taking skills, all of this combined with a consistent degree of determination and effort should result in increased confidence in tackling and passing the FE Examination. 

We want to celebrate success with our examinees and our goal here is a 100% success rate!!!


We believe in the importance of a becoming registered as a Professional Engineer in Canada or in the United States and we are here to help you reach that goal.

The importance of obtaining a P.Eng or Professional Engineering designation in Canada cannot be understated and grants you the following rights including but not limited to:

  • ​The right to legally practice and call yourself an engineer in Canada
  • The right to call yourself a professional
  • The benefit of becoming part of a larger organization for networking and technical learning opportunities

In addition, obtaining your P.Eng tells both employers and the public that you:

  • Are legally and ethically responsible for your work, and hold public safety paramount
  • Maintain the highest levels of competence, as judged by your peers
  • Continually upgrade your knowledge; and adhere to a strict code of ethics
  • Global credibility & recognition in countries around the world of your engineering skills​

Welcome to the FE Review Centre!

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Our Instructors

All of our instructors are highly qualified Professors & Registered Engineers who know the FE exam in depth and what it takes to succeed.

Classroom Lectures

The FE Exam Review Centre is here to help you properly prepare for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE Exam). This is a classroom course which
covers all the topics including Math, 

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Test Preparation

  • Extensive classroom review 
  • Mid-Week Practice Sessions
  • FE exam style homework assignments
  • Problem solving techniques & test taking strategies

  • FE style Mock Exam

Now Introducing

HEC-RAS Modeling Workshop - Edmonton & Calgary

Course Description
HEC-RAS Modeling - Training Workshop 
Daily Schedule:
8:00am - Registration 
8:30am - Session begins
4:30pm - Adjournment
Breakfast, two refreshment breaks and lunch are provided daily 
This two day workshop provides HEC-RAS Steady Flow River Hydraulics Modeling training. The Hydrologic Engineering Center—River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) is computer software designed to simulate water surface profiles and velocities for a network of natural and constructed watercourses. HEC-RAS is Graphical User Interface (GUI) software. HEC-RAS is widely used throughout the world as an industry standard hydraulics program. The workshop lectures and lab the software in practical engineering applications. Participants will learn by doing, while using the HEC-RAS software on their own computers. The Software and Documentations are free downloaded from http://www.hec.usace.army.mil/software/hec-ras/

By participating in this workshop, you will be able to construct a complete HEC-RAS model using the exercises provided in the workshop. Performance of channel network, bridge and culvert design and analysis will be conducted along with the sample projects. Introduction to 2D and unsteady flow using HEC-RAS will be provided but not in details. Participants will gain confidence in applying HEC-RAS to a variety of modeling problems from the lectures and exercises provided. Troubleshooting and how to review, verify and calibrate HEC-RAS models will be provided.
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Our goal is simple:To help you become a registered engineer by passing the FE Computer-Based Exam!